Clara Hill


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With Walk The Distance Clara Hill has placed herself in exalted company.
She more than holds her own by dint of her uniquely extroverted stance and her weird and wonderful range of influences, deftly splicing pop songs with experimental musicianship. … It’s easy to compare Clara Hill’s fourth album to any of a whole bunch of recent offerings by genre-hopping composer-songwriters – the latest records by Julianna Barwick, Grouper, Colleen and, best of the lot, Julia Holter all spring to mind.
The Third Ear
Former Jazzanova protégée finally finds her own voice
…She coasts confidently between the psychedelia of "Dawn Of A New Day", the giddy, lo-fi indie of "Lost Winter" and "Heading Outs"´s more baroque pop. "Glacial Moraine", meanwhile, wouldn´t sound out of place on Goldfrapps´s latest. A convincing, impressive reinvention.
Uncut Magazine
Berlin-born Clara Hill's fourth album is eclectic and free-spirited, even self-indulgent in the best way.
Walk The Distance´s artistic peaks are every bit as breathtaking as the snow-laden hills you can so easily imagine its creator climbing. Where will she journey next?
With her fourth album, former Jazzanova protégé Clara Hill has reinvented herself as a singer of experimental indie-electronic torch songs. Clara Hill's long journey to Walk The Distance seems to have reached its destination. It's a diverse and alluring album that's worthy of close attention: a rugged, fuzzy counterpart to all that it's left behind.
The Quietus
German soundscaper Clara Hill returns after a four-year hiatus with a fascinating new album of dark, fractious, folky electronica-and Schneider ™ on board
Electronic Sound Magazine UK
After something of a hiatus for four years, Berliner Clara Hill's fourth album heralds something of a statement of intent. A bewitching electronic psychedelic flurry brings 'Walk The Distance' into view, marking out a territory not unlike that frequented by the likes of Goldfrapp, Vashti Bunyan, Mogwai and The Wicker Man soundtrack. Eerie, pleasingly unsettling and rather pretty in places, 'Konkav' and its closing near-instrumental cousin 'Konvex', bookend a varied melange of acid-folk and cyclical electro-pop that never settles but instantly takes the listener on a travelogue through a few styles.
Electronic Magazine - album review and interview Flipside
Clara Hill never stopps discovering and experimenting new musical paths across many genres. Beside worldwide tours her main interest is to present her own independent musical language to focus on compositions besides musical trends.
Digital in Berlin

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"Were it not for what comes next, it could be Ibiza. I'm especially nervous of what I'm about to experience: Schneider TM was signed to CitySlangRecords, a label whose UK office I ran for eight years, but his drift leftfield from playful, if singular, electronic pop into noise – characterised by his collaborations with Pan Sonic's Ilpo Väisänen under the name Angel – has never been to my taste. On stage with him is Clara Hill, a key figure in the Sonar Kollektiv who'll be improvising vocally alongside him, and he's also joined tonight by Tomoko Nakasato, a dancer and choreographer from Japan. She crouches down on the second stage as Schneider teases sound from a lap steel guitar, then throws herself around with increasing abandon while he treats sounds until they develop into a pulsing, shape-shifting drone. Hill's disembodied but angelic vocals offer lighter shades amidst this growing, grumbling growl, and, as it proceeds, I lose myself entirely in the perform- ance. From time to time I come to, a grin fixed instinctively upon my face, and when he finally stops – suddenly, aggressively, utterly without warning – I leap to my feet and yell my approval, while around me others do the same. It's a triumphant moment, especially given that he was a late addition to the bill and concedes later on that what emerged was almost entirely different to what he, Tomoko and Clara had discussed, but then I challenge anyone to sit beneath a starry sky atop a cliff, with the moon poking through the clouds to form a channel of light that trails across the ocean, almost to their very feet, without being profoundly moved by a soundtrack of this magnitude...."  

The Quietus

..."nature is always my inspiration"..."avoves this beautiful native berliner, who has rocketed up the roster of her groundbreaking reocrd label, Sonar Kollektiv, to become one of their top acts and their flagship female aritst."... While the rest of the world is being buzzed awake by alarms, cinching up their ties, and rushing out the door to catch the commuter train, Clara Hill takes an all-to- gether different approach to life. Hill stops to smell the roses. She listens to the wind rustling the leaves of trees, birds chirping off in the distance, and couples whispering to each other on a nearby park bench. In short, she takes in the world around her and uses it as the creative fuel for her deeply personal musical compositions…."  Xlr8r 03/22/2007
..."With the voice of an angel and a production team to die for, Clara Hill has managed to make a record that would make Sade blush. Her new album, All I Can Provide, is a lush combination of jazz and urban influences that's soulful and sophisticated while managing to be groovy and danceable."...
"Besides his renowned work with 4Hero, Marc Mac has also produced for Ursula Rucker, Metalheads/Goldie, Terry Callier and Ultra Nate to name but a few. Exceptional instrumentation and the production talents of Marc Mac combined with Clara Hill's luscious voice combine perfectly to give the tune a beautifully soulful flavour. ´Everything´ is the perfect bridge between Clara Hills last album All I Can Provide and the more folky tunes on Sideways. The song certainly takes in the very best of soul and pop plus a very fresh and lively sound quality. And as a taster for the forthcoming album, SIDEWAYS (SK161CD/Folkwaves), this single promises more great things are in store from Clara Hill…."