Clara Hill


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Clara Hill, born in Berlin, built a reputation as a superb live vocalist with several bands as well as her solo live PA performance. She is a multi-faceted artist with the ability to span many music genres with sophistication. Her discography includes 4 full-length albums and many 12“s featuring well known names in Electronica and electronic jazz. Coming from a Singer-Songwriter, Acid-jazz, and Electronica background, Clara has never stopped discovering and experimenting with new musical styles and musical diversity: whether she is floating over guitar loops, pure piano and orchestral compositions, jazz arrangements or profound electronic beats - Clara always knows how to lend her voice and her writing to various musical genres. After countless international tours over the past years, her main interest is in presenting her own personal musical language and focusing on strong compositions rather than musical trends.

At seventeen, Clara founded an Acid jazz/Electronica band, with friend Funès. In the early nineties, the band toured Berlin´s clubs and throughout Germany, gathering a high-profile reputation. During these years, Clara took her first steps into live music performance. At one of her shows in 1998, she met DJ Alex Barck from Jazzanova, who introduced her to the producers of Extended Spirit (2/6 of Jazzanova): Stefan Leisering and Axel Reinemer. With Stefan, Clara wrote the Track ‘No Use’ which appeared on the first Jazzanova album “In Between”.
In the meantime Clara was involved in many other collaborations and sang with Stereoton, a band rooted in hip hop but cited jazz and electronica elements. Eventually a lasting collaborative relationship with Jazzanova emerged - they produced her first album “Restless Times”.


(2004) “Restless Times”
The Debut album feature the electronic productions of Stefan Leisering (Jazzanova) in combination with the jazz-emotional vocals by Clara Hill. The result is a harmonious blend. This phase in her artistic life was influenced by broken beats, 60’s/70’s singer and song writers - and the 60’s/70’s soul-jazz music.


(2006) “All I Can Provide”
The album is a diary collection of collaborations. With the second album Clara Hill reflects Berlin´s underground "late night boogie/disco scene" - each song is a collaboration with a different producer.


(2007) “Clara Hill´s Folkwaves.Sideways”
Is a magnificent album full of enough emotional peaks and valleys to satisfy even the most temperamental and sensitive music lover. This musical phase was influenced by new and old folk– and singer-songwriter music. Folktronika.


Clara´s first 3 albums were released on the Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv. Clara Hill was one of the leading figures of Berlin-based Label Sonar Kollektiv. After almost 8 years Clara left Sonar Kollektiv to take a new musical path. "Walk the Distance" was released on label Tapete Records from Hamburg.