Clara Hill


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The Berlin based singer, songwriter and producer has shifted styles fluidly throughout her life, and in Philadelphia producer / DJ King Britt she found a likeminded soul with a similarly restless spirit: King Britt from House to Techno to Bass music, Hill from Acid Jazz to Psychedelic Folk - both in the space of independent electronic music. The uniquely chimerical aesthetic journey to Pendulous Moon finds the two united by their love for a sound that flutters elusively between the likes of FKA Twigs, Vangelis and Boards Of Canada - an eerie experience from start to end. It exists, you might say, in a universe of its own.
Its otherworldly atmosphere and unearthly sound stems from their ambition to create a record that they describe as “sci-fi”, pairing analogue synths and digital sounds to conjure up a world that combines “metallic sounds and soft voices”: intimate and strange, romantic and edgy.
“We saw ourselves as two planets that collide – in a positive sense – furthering our musical ideas,” Hill concludes. “The moon was our fixed point, a pendulum in the darkness, a calming counterpoint to a kind of musical trance in which I sometimes moved while we made music.”
Sometimes, though, you’ve got to reach for the stars too. Clara Hill and King Britt have done just that for Pendulous Moon.